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There are currently no open calls for the Nexus Fund. Stay tuned for more opportunities.





The application period for this round of grants has closed. Stay tuned for further opportunities.

Artists in the Atlanta* area who are experiencing hardship and loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic  are invited to apply to the Nexus Fund: Artist Emergency Relief. We will be awarding twenty, $500 grants to artists.

*artists must be a resident of the 9-counties designated as Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Henry. 

See FAQs below, or download the FAQ sheet here. (download in Korean here) (download in Spanish here)

Application timeline:

  • Dec 14, 2021: Application Open

  • Dec 14 – Jan 6, 2022: Applications accepted

  • Jan 6 – Jan 12, 2022: Grantees determined

  • Jan 12, 2022: Grantees notified

  • Jan 17, 2022: Funds disbursed

Application requirements:


  • Selection of reason for need with brief, 150-word declaration statement describing circumstances and hardship

  • 3 images of current artistic practice with brief, 150-word artistic statement

  • Proof of residency in designated county. (Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Henry)


Who is eligible?

  • Self-identified visual artists 21 years of age and older living within the 9-counties designated as: Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Henry

  • Artists who declare that they experienced a loss of income due to COVID-19 including but not limited to postponement or cancellation of exhibitions, performances, public programs, and teaching gigs

  • Artists who demonstrate a sustained commitment to their work and career

Who is not eligible?


  • Current and previous ACAC employees

  • Any artist who has received or who will receive an honorarium for an exhibition at Atlanta Contemporary between July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

  • Any artist who currently participates in or who recently departed the Studio Artist Program between July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

How much funding is available and what is the most I can request?


The Nexus Fund will disperse twenty, $500 grants totaling $10,000.


What can I use the funds for?


Rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, childcare, medical bills/insurance, lost wages/fees, and other daily needs.


I am not primarily paid for my artistic work but have lost income due to loss of employment or contract work. Am I still eligible to apply?


Yes, any lost income is reason to apply.


If I am selected, how soon will I receive the funding?


Following the grantee notification on January 12, all grantees will be welcome to pick up their check beginning January 17.


If I receive funds and the Nexus Fund: Emergency Relief re-opens for additional applications at a future date, may I apply again?


Yes. While priority will be given to new applicants, you are welcome to apply for funds again.


How to Apply

Apply with our online form.
Applications are only accepted via online form. Do not email or drop off applications in person.

Questions? Email us at



The Nexus Fund sought Project Proposals as a part of our participation in the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts Regional Regranting Program. The Nexus Fund underwrites artist-driven projects that engage in risk-taking and experimentation, notably those projects that broaden critical discourse and challenge traditional assumptions. This fund awarded projects – particularly those that are multi-disciplinary and collaborative – that provoke social engagement and center the diverse audiences living and working in Metro Atlanta*. The fund disbursed ten, $5,000 grants totaling $50,000.

*Metro Atlanta being designated as the 9-counties of Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Henry.

2022 Nexus Fund Grantees





Sabar – Salsa – Samba is an experimental work that will explore the root/origin of traditional and cultural artforms from Senegal, Cuba, and Brazil, as evolving products of African history, forced relocation, and political and societal changes. The project will feature multigenerational workshops that depict how cultural dances evolve and fuse global, individual, and popular trends, and the changes that sometimes challenge traditions; an artisan market; and a culminating theatrical production creating a vibrant interplay and comparison of indigenous traditions with the dynamics of modern culture.


The Atlanta Reclamation Project



The Atlanta Reclamation Project seeks to find stories based in Georgia history and folklore that highlight the contributions of diverse populations to the pastiche of our unique state culture in an effort to help Georgians —during this unique time — find/reclaim common ground. The Mavens of St. Catherine’s is a new play by the Atlanta based writing team of S.R. Gentry, Catherine Mew, and Keena Redding which examines the contributions of women of Creek, Spanish, Geechee, Celtic, Deaf &HOH, and Pagan communities to the development and culture of the Golden Isles.

Ebony Blanding & Rita Harper


“The Final Bow: A Love Dojo” is a multimedia installation that honors the legacy of a community pillar and Taekwondo GrandMaster Thomas of martial arts academy in East Point, Georgia forced to close its doors due to the effects of COVID-19.

This project will end with the co-directors “giving GrandMaster Thomas his flowers”, the inspiration that led to the documentary, a large framed portrait of GrandMaster Thomas in the last days of his academy photographed by co-director, Rita Harper.

Mark Anthony Brown Jr


The Metro Atlanta Family Photo Album is a community centered project dedicated to providing free family photos to families in the Metro Atlanta area. The act of coordinating and getting formal ‘Family Photos’ taken is somewhat of a luxury and outside the capacity of the general population. This project will provide participating families with a tangible, archivable documentation of their current familial unit.

P. Faith Carmichael & NEXT


Through intimate interviews, portraits and behind-the-scenes footage of aspiring Black and Brown artists throughout Atlanta, the documentary, “They Could Be NEXT” aims to bring much-needed visibility to the talents and struggles of artists of color – many of whom often lack the platforms and access required to make art their livelihood. To address this deficit, the artist collective known as NEXT, is partnering with four of Atlanta’s most aspiring visual, literary and musical arts activists to tell the story of the often-marginalized Black artists through this powerful documentary. No one here is waiting to be saved!

Ashlee Haze


“KIERA” is a choreopoem and short film by poet Ashlee Haze to be released alongside an audio album of the same name. Through the use of performance, music, and cinematic interludes, KIERA tells the story of a woman who rescues herself from a relationship gone up in flames and is now creating a new world where she is whole, liberated and valued. 

Patricia Hernandez 


Nuestra Creacion is an annual exhibition that showcases Atlanta’s local Latinx artists. Nuestra Creacion aims to create cultural shifts locally through an empowering social and economic space for Latinx, Black, indigenous, and people of color artists that expose their talents to new audiences. This project is in collaboration with Marketing Strategist, Diego Torres. 

Shelby Hofer


Lenora is on a mission, but her not-so-inner child is bursting with irreverent questions about DNA, ADD, quantum physics, boners, and babies — where they come from, how they get here, and mostly, how she can get one. With maddening advice from her sex-ed teacher, Elvis, Mr. Rogers, the mysterious Dr. Mark, and a bunch of ill-mannered “dolls,” Lenora and her Honey board a train for an unexpected adventure. High Risk, Baby! is a heart-expanding story about one woman’s wild and epic journey into motherhood.

Pam Longobardi & Jill Frank


Pam Longobardi utilizes forensic aesthetic investigation that generates public activism around plastic pollution remediation /environmental education. Jill Frank makes powerful portraits of teen youth as they navigate their inner worlds. Together they are collaborating to activate three pollution remediation sites with communities around waterways of metro Atlanta to provide an emotional re-engagement with the non-human world.

Noah Reyes & Sergio Suarez


Eso Tilín Projects will create and tour a mobile project space to exhibit artists in Atlanta and its surrounding metro areas. With its size at manageable levels, they will bring different experiences of exhibiting art to various communities and events that are seeking more encounters between artists and the city. By being able to transport the space they adapt and recontextualize themselves and the works exhibited to better serve their mission and ultimately the spaces they find ourselves in.



The Nexus Fund Studio offers 3-month studio residencies to artists who were awarded the Nexus Fund in the previous year. Nexus Fund Studio participants are unique and separate from Atlanta Contemporary's Studio Artist Program.


Founded by artists for artists, Atlanta

Contemporary was built upon the principles of engaging in experimentation and risk-taking through exhibitions, programming, and support of working artists. The Nexus Fund expands upon the ethos of these early days. By supporting new work or through the expansion of an existing project, the Nexus Fund sponsors

dynamic and innovative individual artists or partnerships.


In accordance with Andy Warhol’s will, the mission of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts is the advancement of the visual arts. The foundation manages an innovative and flexible grants program while also preserving Warhol’s legacy through creative and responsible licensing policies and extensive scholarly research for ongoing catalogue raisonné projects. To date, the foundation has given over $200 million in cash grants to over 1,000 arts organizations in 49 states and abroad and has donated 52,786 works of art to 322 institutions worldwide. More information about

the foundation is available at 


Founded in 1973 as Nexus, a grassroots artists’ cooperative, Atlanta Contemporary has since become one of the southeast’s leading contemporary art centers. We play a vital role in Atlanta’s cultural landscape by presenting over 200 consequential artists and creatives from the local, national, and international art scenes through our various exhibition, project spaces, and programs each year. We commission new works, paying particular attention to artists who have not had a significant exhibition in the Southeast. We organize over 125 programs annually including Contemporary Kids, Contemporary Cocktails, Contemporary Talks, and more! Atlanta Contemporary provides 13 on-site subsidized studio space to working artists through the Studio Artist Program.


Learn more about the Atlanta Contemporary here. 


For questions on the Nexus Fund or about any of the projects mentioned here you can reach us at